Watch the
Installation Video

It's This Simple

Building a System as Unique as You

Our wall organizing system allows you to get creative with our accessories and give those pieces of yourself somewhere to belong. With simple and smart design in mind, installing takes less than an hour.

What You'll Need

Screwdriver & Wrench

Make sure it's a #3 Phillips Screwdriver and 7mm Combination Wrench.

Drill & Drill Bits

Keep children and bystanders away while operating power tools!

Tape Measure & Level

To measure &
align precisely!


Step 1

Mount the Top Tracks

Step 2

Mount the Vertical Standards

Step 3

Mount the Pegboard Panels

Step 4 - Customize To Your Needs

Once your panels are installed, add hooks, shelves and storage bins to your heart's desire. It really is that simple, and you can install everything in about an hour's time with basic tools. Here are some accessories to help you get started.

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