How to Use Closet Space Wisely

Why is it that no matter how many closets you have in your home, you end up filling them to the brim? Open the door to a more organized life by cutting closet clutter creatively! 

Ever had a closet so full you had to throw your entire bodyweight into the door to get it to latch? Yeah…us too. 

Clothes, shoes, vacuum cleaner, wrapping paper, gifts waiting to be re-gifted....Since you're going to fill your closets, it makes sense to do it in an organized fashion. 

You can store even more stuff in an organized closet, and bonus, you can actually find that crockpot you want to re-gift and still get to the church on time!

Here's how to a cluttered closet into a crystal cavern of clothing and chotskies in an hour or two!

1. Clean Your Closet

Take everything off the floor and shelves and lay out the hanging clothes on your bed or floor. Dust the shelves and vacuum/clean the floor. 

2. Audit your Apparel

Take each and every piece of clothing out of your closet. Touch each one. Look at it. Does it make you feel happy? If so, it's a keeper. If not then it's time to donate it. It helps to have a neutral friend help you cull the herd (if you're in the mood for an argument, ask your spouse or SO for input.)   

3. Tame the Tangles

Cords, electronics, light bulbs or other small household items quickly get jumbled and messy. Using the proper containers and cord savers will keep them in order and make them easier to identify.

4. Wrangle the Wrap

Gift wrap always ends up in closets. The rolls are hard to store elsewhere without getting damaged or dirty. Give yourself a present and organize your gift wrap once and for all. You'll get that that slow cooker wrapped faster.  

Make your own vow to use your precious closet space wisely. You'll soon find even more ways to combine and reduce for a more efficient home. Now that's a match made in heaven! 

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