How to Get your Fitness Gear in Shape

Five out of five fitness experts agree (we think): getting and staying fit requires creating new and healthier habits. One way to help get and stay in shape is to organize your fitness gear. 

Read on for some tips on organizing your fitness gear for maximum results. 

Make it Visible

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" applies to fitness as much (or more) than anything else. If you find yourself putting off that walk, run, ride or gym session because you just "forgot", help yourself out by making your fitness gear more visible.

It's a lot harder to use the 'exercise amnesia' excuse when you're literally walking past your shoes, gym bag, bike helmet or water bottle. If you really want to add motivation, make it even more visible by posting a pic of your organized gear center on social media. Then you'll have to use it!

Gear Up the Night Before

Another convenient excuse for skipping that workout? "I couldn't find my favorite running socks, headphones, gym pass, Fitbit". 

Shed those extra pounds faster by dropping this excuse. How? Put everything out the night before.

It's hard enough getting up extra early to hit the gym or trail. It'll be that much easier if you can: 

1. Hit the coffee maker ON button

2. Change into your fancy fitness apparel

3. Sit for 10 minutes and caffeinate

4. Get your booty out the door and get that workout done 

Clean First, Store Second

As with the first two tips, it's that much easier to skip that trip to the gym if your gear is dirty. So clean your towel, shorts, tops, headband, socks and water bottle first, then store them in your fitness center second. This way, everything will be fresh, clean and sweet smelling. Until you transform it all back into a sweat ball, that is.

Organize by Activity

Varying your workout can help stave off boredom and create more balanced fitness. After all, what good is being able to run 3 miles if you can't carry a suitcase through the airport without crippling yourself? Support your need for variety by organizing your gear by activity.

Think of it like a triathlon of organizing:

Area 1: Running shorts, top, socks, shoes, hat and bottle 

Area 2: Bike shorts, top, helmet, socks, shoes and bottles

Area 3: Swimsuit, goggles, towel and flipflops


Reward Yourself

Not only are you getting more fit, you're getting more organized along the way. While the idea of a full-on cheat day might be controversial, there's nothing wrong with rewarding your hard-won progress a little. 

Whether it's a favorite bottle of wine, beer or treat, taking care of yourself for...taking better care of cause for celebration.

Now that's a habit we can all get behind!

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