How Many of These 10 Time-Wasters are You Guilty Of?

We all waste a little time here and there looking for stuff like car keys and phones.

But we were surprised by the actual amount of time people waste looking for stuff.

Take a look at these time-wasters (via

    • The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can't find. That adds up to a whole year of life spent looking for stuff. 
    • 25% of two-car garage owners have so much clutter they can't fit a single car much less two.
    • The top 5 items men waste time looking for: clean socks, remote control, wedding album (huh?) car keys and driver's license. 
    • The top 5 items women waste time looking for: shoes, a child's toy, wallet, lipstick and remote control.
    • Reducing household clutter would eliminate 40% of housework in the average home.

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  • The 80/20 rule applies to our stuff: we only use about 20% of clothes and other household stuff 80% of the time.
  • 55% of Americans say they would save 16-60 minutes a day if they were more organized. That's 2-15 days a year spent looking for stuff!
  • 23% of adults pay bills late and incur fees because they can't find their bills
  • 65% of Americans admit their household is at least moderately disorganized
Last but not least:
31% of IKEA customers surveyed say they feel more satisfied after cleaning a closet than after sex (so why aren't our closets cleaner?).


Who knew how much time is lost wading through clutter and looking for stuff? 

Share your time-saving tips in the comments below!

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