Top 5 Reasons to Get More Organized

Getting organized can reduce stress, save time and money, make you more productive and help you set a good example for kids. 

Do you wish your home, office or garage was totally organized? If only Harry or Hermione would pay you a visit, wave their wand and cast the Tergio! spell that "cleans up messes".

While you're waiting for the magic to happen, here's a thoroughly unscientific quiz for you:

1. Does being in a messy home environment make you feel less in control of your life?

2. Do you spend more than one minute a day looking for things like car keys, reading glasses or earbuds?

3. Have you ever spent money replacing something you thought was lost only to find it 5 minutes after hitting the "order now" button?

4. Do you find yourself wasting time at work looking for that file folder or stapler or reading glasses? (they're on your head BTW)

5. If you have kids, are they likely to be organization-challenged like you?

If you're like us, you answered yes to some (OK all) of the above.  

Given how busy you already are, getting your home, garage or office more organized might seem like a daunting or mundane task to be put off until Harry or Hermione arrives.

Or at least until tomorrow.

What if we told you organizing your living and work spaces can be a life-enriching mission worth diving

Humor us as we present 5 reasons why being more organized can make your life happier, easier and more fun. 


1. Reduce Stress

photo of smiling woman carrying box

Getting organized can reduce stress. Via


It seems everyone on Facebook is on permanent vacation, enjoying relaxed days filled with engaging spouses and perpetually smiling kids. Well reality is a bit different.

Technology and 24/7 connectivity is great and all, but along with convenience and speed comes new forms of stress.

Most of us are constantly checking email and social media, watching video clips and sending and receiving texts.

One sure-fire way to reduce techno-stress? Look up from that small screen and look out at the great big world you live in.

Don't just look out a window, either. Be brave...walk out of your house, apartment or office without your phone (gasp!) and go for a walk somewhere outdoors. (yikes!)

By getting out into open space, you're creating some room for your mind to expand and breathe. 

Living, working and playing in a more organized environment also creates space, literally and figuratively. Your brain is wired to respond positively to order and symmetry.

Stepping out for some fresh air and taking even small steps to being more organized are both guaranteed to reduce stress. 

2. Save Time

Getting organized can save time via

If you're reading this right now, sometime in the last 24 hours you wasted time looking for something in your apartment, house, dorm or closet. It happens to all of us, every day.

"Never lose your keys again!" claim tracking devices like Tile and TrackR. For $25 you can use your phone to locate your keys (probably hanging in your front door lock). Then again, if you can't find your phone...time to walk wherever you were going to drive.

These electronic nannies are designed to save you time looking for stuff. They don't fix the problem (being disorganized) but they do offer an electronic band aid.

Shameless plug - how about instead of buying a $25 Tile, you spend $20 on our 19 piece wall organizer starter kit and hang your keys in the same place every time. 

3. Save Money

Getting organized can save you money via

Besides saving money NOT buying a Tile, you'll spend less by being more organized.  

Maybe a scenario like this sounds familiar to you:

You splurge on a high quality 3 piece make-up brush set at the department store.

Saturday afternoon rolls around and you've queued up a YouTube make-up tutorial.

Now, where is that brush set?  


1. Open every drawer. Twice.

2. Dump out your purse

3. Dump out your other purse

4. Replay every step you took from walking out of the store to walking in your front door. 

5. Beat yourself up for not putting it somewhere obvious

6. Go online and order a replacement set

7. Use your worn out brushes to apply your makeup

8. Leave your place, open your car door.

9. Notice something peeking out from under the seat... the corner of a box holding three make-up brushes. Sitting there, mocking you.

You can return the brushes or cancel the replacement order later. You'll spend money on gas or on return postage of course....  

Who knows how much money we waste replacing stuff that just disappears, only to resurface the minute its replacement arrives? Better not to think about it and just get more organized.

4. Be More Productive at Work

image of steve jobs at his desk

Some say a cluttered workspace is a sign of genius via

Albert Einstein once famously asked:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” 

OK Al, you're a genius.

And if our desk was ever empty, we might take a few moments to ponder the question awhile. In the meantime, your desk and workday are both cluttered, and usually in some state of disarray.

One thing you can do to improve the situation? Organize the stuff you need and use the most. Typically these same things are the ones you spend the most time looking for.

Imagine if the things you needed were right at hand, easy to spot, grab, use and replace.

How much more time for work or reading about your friends' amazing Facebook lives would you have?


5. Set a Good Example

Help kids learn how to be more organized via

To all you parents, grandparents, stepparents, guardians, day care providers: Thank You!

There's no job more important than helping our kids learn, play, be healthy, socialize and just be kids. 

Along the way if you can help them learn to be a bit organized, well, that's a life skill that they'll carry forward (teenage years excepted).

Have more reasons why getting organized makes life better? Share them in the comment section below!

Oh, and feel free to shop for Allspace home organization products.


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