Enhance any Room with Pegboard Wall Organization

Can pegboard wall organization enhance the functionality and looks of any room in your home, apartment or office?  

With some creativity and maybe some paint, the answer is a resounding "Yes!". 

Here at Allspace we like to think our metal pegboard panels are a step up from the old school pressed wood pegboard.

Not only do Allspace Utility Wall Pegboard Panels look better, they're more versatile, stronger, easier to install and longer lasting.

Old school or new, here are some cool ideas that inspire us (and hopefully you):

Great Garage


 This Looks Like a Painter's Paradise! Via HGTV
Anyone into home renovation, furniture restoration, woodworking or art would die for a set-up like this!  Imagine how much project time you could save by having everything in view and in reach. Yes, Please!

Kid's Space Savers

Pegboard Headboards? Why Not? Via Decor8

This is a cool idea, adding color, dimension, organization and storage to a kid's room.  
These panels look a little tall -  you might not want junior standing on the bed to reach something on a high shelf.

Instead you could install 4 Allspace panels and create a 31" high x 48" wide pegboard area. That would create 10 square feet of organization space. 

Oh and you can paint Allspace panels too!

Get Crafty


Crafting Creates Calm Characters via HGTV

Like the sign in this pic says: "Keep Calm and Get Your Craft On".

We've said it before, being organized reduces stress.

So if you craft, and your crafting supplies are organized, will you be twice as calm? Only one way to find out!

Color Splash

Nifty Knitting Nook via homedit.com

Arts and crafts require creativity, and who doesn't feel inspired by bright colors? This knitting nook is features a yarn wall that looks like art itself. Nice!

Inspired? Enhance your own living, work and play spaces with Allspace Wall Organizing Solutions. 

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