5 Ways to Add Copper to Your Kitchen

Gold-medal chefs and DIY-foodies alike often find themselves lusting after copper cookware and kitchen tools. Revered for precise temperature control and even heat conductivity, copper pots and pans perform great and look even better. 

Today's kitchen designers and homeowners are thinking beyond the stovetop, incorporating copper's rich, warm and rosy copper hue into kitchen design accents, fixtures and decor. 

Use a few small pieces such as kitchen appliances, planters or canisters to warm up your cooking and living spaces. Feeling bold? Go big and make copper the dominant hue via a backsplash, accent wall or large appliance. 

Done well, copper is right at home in any style kitchen, from farmhouse to chic industrial steampunk.

Check out five of our favorite examples of kitchen designs with creative copper choices:

Copper Backsplashes

Copper backsplashes look pretty amazing, and offer lots of options for creativity, from tile to sheet metal to pennies! Yep, some people make backsplashes out of pennies, which is cheap but certainly labor-intensive! 

Copper backsplashes make a drab kitchen pop. Via digsdigs

Copper Kitchen Appliances

If you buy a copper-colored oven, you're entering into a long-term relationship with the bold color and rich metallic look of copper. If you aren't quite ready for that level of commitment, there are plenty of copper-colored portable kitchen appliances available too.


If you really, really LOVE copper, here's your next oven! Via South Shore Decorating Blog.


Copper Sinks

A copper sink is also a big commitment, not only in looks but in cost. Those that make the investment in a copper sink cite the warm metallic look as well as the unique patina that the sink takes on with time and use.

Copper sinks aren't for everybody, but should you choose to invest in one, buy the thickest grade of copper you can afford. Copper thickness is measured in 'gauge'. The lower the gauge, the thicker the copper (e.g. 14 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge).


When it comes to copper sinks, thicker is better. Via Havens Metal.

Copper Decor

Not ready to take the full plunge into big copper pieces like ovens and sinks? Copper decor is great for adding pops of the rosy gold color here and there without overwhelming the eye or wallet.  

Thanks to the popularity of copper, you can find just about any household or decorative piece in the color.  Before you know it, you'll be relaxing in your copper-accented room toasting your good taste with a Moscow Mule!

Copper offers a great contrast to natural looks like these plants. Via Williams-Sonoma
Copper Cookware
Technically, copper pots and pans aren't meant to be decorative. Still, they're a major investment and they look far nicer than bland silver pots and pans. Why not show off your good taste in cookware by displaying your copper cookware out in the open?
One idea: use an Allspace wall organizing system to display your copper pieces while keeping them organized and ready for use creating your next culinary triumph! 

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