Chill Out with Simple and Sustainable Home Decor

Summer has finally rolled around. No more waiting for warmer weather and languishing in the soothing rays of the sun. 

Sunnier days also deliver serious heat. Switching up your home decor during the summer months can provide some visual and visceral relief from high temperatures by creating a refreshing change for you and your home.

But don’t toss anything out yet, and hold off on shopping - we’re here to offer you some inspiration and tips on how to freshen up your home with small changes that are both stylish and environmentally smart.

Less is More

In 2019, minimalism and sustainability are themes dominating home interior design trends. Many top interior designers are flooding the internet with tips on how to design your home simply and sustainably.

Annette Frommer of Annette Frommer Interior Design advises us to be selective with our purchases by questioning an item’s value and purpose. Practical home essentials promote a calming environment by keeping spaces uncluttered and uncomplicated. Minimalism emphasizes the importance of purchasing quality items that will have a long-standing purpose in your home, regardless of the shift in trends.

According to Greentumble, the minimalist philosophy of “less is more” promotes sustainability as it reduces consumer consumption which has a positive impact on the environment. It is no surprise that minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand which is why we compiled a few ideas for you to get inspired. 

Compare and Contrast with Neutral Tones

Selecting a concise color palette of earthy tones is fundamental for designing a cohesive space. By pairing neutral colors together, you can create an open and airy space that has a significant brightening effect to any room.

Contrary to popular belief, color should be used in minimalist design in order to prevent a room from becoming both dull and uninteresting. Canva advises that layering different hues of the same earth-tone or experimenting with warm and neutral color temperatures will make a room both eye-catching and memorable.

As seen in the picture above, the sharp contrast of the deep brown rug and the light colored flooring quickly grabs our attention without looking out of place or disrupting the balance of the room. 

If you want to swap out your current heavy living room rug for one that is cool and lightweight, a rug similar to the one above is available at Natural Area Rugs. Made with 100% jute, this hand-loomed rug is sustainable and eco-friendly and free of chemicals and artificial dyes. Not only is jute durable and long-lasting, One Green Planet states that the plant fiber is entirely biodegradable and recyclable.

UseTextures to Add Personality 

Minimalism does not have to be boring or unwelcoming. The chic lifestyle blog, My Domain, emphasizes that incorporating textured decor of similar neutral tones can make any space more exciting without compromising the desired aesthetic.

Pairing subdued bases that are easy on the eyes, such as white, beige, and tan, creates a natural blend of pigments that make your simplified space fresh and inviting.



Chairs similar to these can be found at Joss and Main. Upholstered with rattan, they provide texture and character to your dining area while still embracing the contemporary minimalistic look. 

According to Pier 1 Imports, which prides itself on leading quality wicker furniture, rattan is the best material choice for wicker furniture as it is a naturally sourced material that is safe on the environment.

As a matter of fact, rattan is an easily renewable resource that grows much faster than trees and offers a better alternative to wood furniture items, preventing further deforestation. If you need further convincing, the harvest and export of rattan significantly contributes to reducing poverty in the areas where it is harvested by providing an abundance of job opportunities and greater economic growth.

Cool Down with Linen 

Finding relief from the heat is possible by retiring your heavy comforter in favor of a single layered linen blanket. The cool and crisp texture helps keep temperatures down while giving your bedroom a relaxed and simple look that is desired with minimalism.

Made out of 100% linen fabric, it is available at Rough Linen in five different colors that can complement various neutral tones and palettes. However, the role of linen fabric in minimalist design extends beyond bed-making. Incorporating sheer linen curtains not only accentuates the windows but the room’s interior by filtering the light with carefree elegance. Also sold on Rough Linen, these lightweight curtains made entirely from linen fabric are simple and serene.

According to Good on You, linen is one of the most biodegradable and durable fabrics that is made entirely from flax plant fibers. It requires less water than cotton and also requires no pesticides, making it organic. The long-lasting material reduces waste and easily qualifies as an environmentally smart purchase.

Lighten Up Your Living Room

It is important for the living room to function as a place for socializing as well as a spot to retreat for a quick nap. The Faux Martha describes her cozy modern living room as a place for peace and play.

In order to create the illusion of an open and inviting hang out spot, swap out furniture with heavy fabric and darker tones for lighter, neutral-colored pieces. The wood table, white sofa, and leather lounge chairs are anchored by the large area rug creating contrast and layers of texture. This makes the room interesting while keeping it simple, relaxed, and organized. 

The first step in creating a well-balanced living room is to minimize excess furnishings and clutter. Coffee tables have a habit of collecting clutter. Limiting decor and clearing random items off the tabletop is key to keeping an orderly living room. In order to avoid this problem, Apartment Therapy suggests investing in a coffee table with built-in storage. Available at Made Trade, the surface of the coffee table lifts to expose hidden interior storage. 

Think Big and Start Small

Whether you wish to freshen up one room or the entire house, it is important to remember to keep it simple. It is not necessary to refurbish your entire space to create airy and fresh living areas. Luckily with minimalism, small changes make a big difference. 

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