Easy Ways to Make School Mornings Calmer

Getting kids up, dressed, fed and out the door to school can be stressful. Helping your kids be more organized can add calm and subtract chaos from your morning routine. Wall organizers can play a key role in developing better organization habits for the whole family.

Name That Tune

If you had to pick a soundtrack for your morning routine on a school day, would it be: 

1. Mellow Melody?

2. Chaotic Cacophony?

Lots of families would pick the latter. Getting kids up and out the door with minimal drama can be challenging. Even something as simple as finding matching socks can upset the balance and make kids late.

Save Time and Your Sanity

You don't want your kids to be stressed out before they even set foot on campus.

Since you can't slow down time, what can you do to make things easier on you and your kids?

To save time, experts suggest establishing routines around daily activities like bathing, homework and playtime. These time management techniques help kids gain a sense of control over time, and reduce parental stress as well.

For example, laying out clothes and packing school (and work) lunches the night before can save lots of time and stress.

Make Organizing Fun

If you're reading this right now, sometime in the last 24 hours you wasted time looking for something in your apartment, house or closet. 

And your kids likely waste time looking for "stuff" too. Why not make getting their stuff more organized a family project?  

A fun way to introduce the benefits of being more organized is to start with the fun stuff, like toys, books and games.

Build A Wall

Using a wall organization system (like...ahem...Allspace) makes it easy for kids to display, see and use the toys and books in their collections.

Their enthusiasm about a toy display might spill over into more mundane organization projects (like the sock drawer).   

Hey, we can dream, can't we?

Share your own ideas for mellower mornings in the comments below!

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