How To Add Some Color to Your Wall Organization

A fresh coat of paint can transform a room from dull to dazzling.  And the right color can create any mood you want. 

It got us thinking...why not add color to a wall organization system?  And when you see how easy it is to paint your Allspace wall organizing system, we think you'll be tempted to try it yourself!  

Serene, rich, bright or retro, there's a hue for you. Check out the trending colors for 2017 and you're sure to find something that speaks to you. Depending on the room, space and ambiance you're after, you can paint your Allspace system to match or contrast.

To demonstrate how easy it is to change the color of Allspace products, we created an indoor desert oasis. We used cacti and miniature flowers for our arrangement. It would be easy to do an indoor herb garden as well. 

Here's how to paint your Allspace components:

1. Select your Paint Color

You'll be using household spray paint to recolor your Allspace components.

This limits your color choices compared to the thousands of wall paint colors available. Not as much as you might think, though.  

Spray paint manufacturers pay attention to color trends and it shows when you shop the section. We found a number of pleasing hues that reflect home decor color trends

We wanted an organic earthy look for our project, so we used Rust-Oleum Multicolor Textured in Autumn Brown (223523)

 2. Decide on Glossy versus Matte Finish Clear Coat

We highly recommend using a clear coat on top of your paint to prevent paint chips and scratches.

You can choose either a matte or glossy clear coat (there's even a sparkly clear coat - more on that in a future post). 

This is style choice. Glossy might be appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms, while matte offers a slightly muted look more suited to living spaces and home offices. 

If your desired base color is only available in matte or glossy, you can modify the finished look as desired by applying a matte or glossy clear coat on top (for example, apply a gloss clear coat to a matte color to add some shine). 

Continuing with our earthy theme, we opted for Rust-Oleum Clear Matte Finish (267028). 

rustoleum spray paint cans

3. Prep your Allspace Components

Clean your Allspace components with Windex, Simple Green or rubbing alcohol and a clean lint-free rag. Allow them to dry thoroughly.

cleaning allspace utility wall panel with cleaner and rag 

 4. Apply Base Color Paint

Locate an open, safe area for painting. The fumes from the spray paint are strong and potentially harmful. We recommend using an appropriate breathing filtration device and working outside.

Work away from children, animals, plants and vehicles (unless you're interested in a new color for your car too). Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions regarding set-up, temperature, humidity, drying time, etc.

We painted several light coats of the base color, allowing the paint to dry about 15 minutes between coats.  Note we used the entire can of base color to paint one 23.5" x 15.5" wall utility panel and two vertical uprights. If you're painting more than one panel, buy additional cans of your base color. 

painting an allspace wall utility panel

5. Apply Clear Coat Finish

Allow your base color coat to dry for 24 hours (longer if there's more relative humidity where you live). Then spray two or three light coats of clear matte or glossy finish. Wait 10 minutes or so between coats.

Allow the finished components to dry for 4-6 hours. Then assemble and get organized!

We applied our matte finish and let the panel dry overnight. The next day Diana made this interior garden using the following Allspace components:

Small Storage Bins - 8 each

Metal Peghooks - 2 each

Utility Wall Panel Pegboard - 1 each

Vertical Standards - 2 each

26" Top Track Bar - 1 each

Project costs:

Plants: $71.08 

Paint + Dropcloth: $17.50

Allspace Components: $59.87 (you can save 25% with the coupon code FIRSTORDER)


We'll have more color ideas in future posts.

Meanwhile, we'd love to hear your ideas...colorful language welcome!

As we like to say:

"Getting organized is a noble pursuit.
You're a champion of clean up and we're here for you!" 



Your Allspace Team

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