5 Home Products to Organize Your Small Stuff

Here are 5 home organization products we've found to be incredibly useful for organizing your small stuff that, left unchecked, can build up to big clutter.

It is such a satisfying feeling when you need something and know just where to find it. When each of your items has a specific place in your living or working space, you skip the frustration and stress that results from misplaced objects.

With some simple organization and a few handy storage products, you'll no longer feel as if what you were looking for grew legs and walked right out of the house.

Here are 5 products that we have found to be incredibly useful to keep things in their place.

Saxborga by Ikea


Sustainable cork and glass jars are easy on the eyes and Earth. Via Ikea.

These stackable glass jars provide the perfect space for those ‘easy to misplace’ items such as bobby pins, hair ties, and Q-tips. Have no fear, no longer will these items be forgotten in the depths of your bathroom drawers.

Pella Hedebya is a Swedish interior designer who has styled for many significant companies, including Ikea, claims less is more. Her minimalistic style embraces sustainability and believes in a more sustainable approach when it comes to home interior.

Priced at $14.99, these jars are partnered with sustainable cork lids and a tray that make it effortlessly aesthetic while using materials that minimize waste. Hedeby believes in the idea of attractive yet useful purchases. The functionality of this set is so simple, yet it designates a home for those miscellaneous items.

Beachcomber Round Handle Baskets by Pottery Barn


A soft touch with hand-woven and sustainable baskets. Via Pottery Barn.

According to one HGTV blogger, you can never have enough baskets. In fact, her go-to organization strategy is to buy baskets she likes before she even knows what items she needs them for.

Whether they are placed inside cabinets, displayed on a shelf, or put in a corner of a room, it’s a quick yet attractive solution for storing items out of sight.

If you lack bathroom space, these baskets double as decor and additional storage. Extra bathroom products or too many linens? Find an open spot near the tub or a nook under the counter to place these hand-woven, sustainable fiber baskets from Pottery Barn.

Priced from $50 to $100, you can choose from a variety of sizes to stow your items that will compliment your bathroom without taking up too much room. 

Interlocking Drawer Organizer Set by Target


Interlocking bins are perfect for maximizing drawer space. Via Target.

“Everything needs its own spot to be put away”, says Kate, House Mix blogger. She emphasizes the importance of having a specific place for everything because if not, it will be left to sit out.

These interlocking drawer organizers are helpful in creating a particular spot for items to prevent clutter and make sure things are put back where they are supposed to be.

Whether it’s needed for a bathroom, office, or kitchen drawer, you can mix and match these eight versatile bins so they only take up the right amount of space you need. Each side has an edge that can be interlocked with another bin which keeps them in place while giving you the flexibility to switch things around.

For only $9.89, your household junk drawer will no longer be as overwhelming once all the loose change, rubber bands, and batteries have a spot of their own.

30 Piece Wall Mount Starter Kit by Allspace 



This kit includes everything you need to create your dream contemporary kitchen that allows you to celebrate your things out in the open and score some extra storage.

For this apartment, the biggest challenge was their small kitchen. By utilizing a wall to hang pots and pans, they were able to store more without taking up floor space.

Open-concept kitchens are trending due to their multi-functionality as well as the promise for more room. Crowded drawers and lost utensils will no longer prevent you from enjoying your time in the kitchen or keep you in there longer than you need to be.

With hooks, shelves, and a pegboard for $49.99, this kit will make your kitchen essentials easy to find, easy to reach, and easy to put back.

Kuggis by Ikea

 The odds of getting organized are stacked in your favor. Via Ikea.

Organize, stack, and store with this series of boxes that can keep your items out of sight without inhibiting accessibility. Ranging from $3.99 to $14.99, they are paired with lids and available in a variety of sizes which allows you to mix and match in order to increase storage space within closets, cabinets, and shelves. Made from PET recycled plastic, these boxes allow for a more sustainable approach.

Hiromi, an interior home blogger, interviewed with Ikea and shared these boxes as her favorite organization solution for the home. The white, glossy boxes create a unified space when stacked which she claims is “visually relaxing.”

By organizing your daily items in these boxes, you are giving everything a place in your living or working space which prevents the build-up of clutter and maximizes storage.

Take 5

So there you have it! Although these items are not a cure-all solution for the entirety of your space, they're a great place to start for that spring cleaning project and can significantly increase the neatness of those easily cluttered hotspots.

As they say, “Organizing is a journey, not a destination.”

So don’t lose hope, all it takes is a few helpful products and a little creativity!


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